This commission began with collectors request for a Rabbits & Fox theme design. The drawing was completed and approved and then the process began. The small framed gun was finished by hand to a high bright polish, including hammer, trigger and rear site assembly. Stainless steel is very difficult to engrave, especialy when fine detailed scenes are created. Sometimes only one or two cuts can be made before sharpening must be done again and again. The inlays are done in pink 18kt gold and pure silver. The Pennsylvania Farm scene depicts the farmer and hound returning from a day in the field. And the sly fox taking over the tracks of their hunt. A nice balance of detailed scroll adorns this fine little gun with S&W logo added to the crane area. The Ivory grips are superb, bold S&W logo relief carved on each side with vintage pattern checkering all done in the finest way. This piece however challenging again brought the collectors and engravers vision together creating a beautiful gun.

  • Ivory grips by  Dan Chesiak
  • Carving & Checkering by  Dennis Holland

Courtsey:  Bob Radaker collection